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NTS600 Series Multi Site Flash Memory Test System

The NTS600 Series is a low cost 1 site to 64 site flash memory production wafersort and post- assembly test system.  The system performs DC and functional tests on non-volatile memory devices.  Novtek's unique architecture incorporates two pattern generators.  The system consists of a software based algorithmic pattern generator and a high speed 10MHz hardware based pattern generator for high throughput production testing.  The NTS600 Series utilizes a tester per DUT architecture with no shared resources between devices. Complete DC parametric and functional tests are performed in parallel on up to 64 devices.

Each test site includes a 10MHz pattern generator, 56 channels, parametric measurement unit, 4 programmable DUT supplies, timers and redundancy analysis capability.  Upgrades include buffer memory, 72 channels with option upgrade,32 data channels and cell current measurement capability.  Test capabilities include continuity, leakage, drive, data pattern write/erase/verify functions, write/erase time measurements, Vt, margin and redundancy repair.  Each test site is comprised of one card.  The tester per card architecture increases reliability by eliminating connectors within a test site.   Production line problems are quickly remedied by replacing a test card.

NTS600 Series Flash Memory Testers
There are 3 different chassis sizes to choose from.  Chassis are scaleable and can be added for future expansion.
Round Green Bullet NTS601
Green Arrow 1 Site Engineering Development Station
DS Gr Arrow.gif (921 bytes) 8 Site Flash Memory Test System
DKGRBLSM.jpg (1548 bytes) NTS616
DS Gr Arrow.gif (921 bytes) 16 Site Flash Memory Test System
This solution is ideal for high volume high density flash memory devices at a very competitive price. Please contact Joe Raynak, Vice President of Sales at
(408) 441-9934, or jraynak@novtek.com for additional information.
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